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Best Social Media Marketing Strategies For 2013 and Beyond

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As discussed by Michael Heinlein, social media marketing is the process of using the Internet based media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, etc. for the sole purpose of distribution or exchange of content through the utilization of readily available techniques which include blog posts, wall posts, and similar other techniques.

Best Social Media Strategy ?

A best social media marketing strategy is not merely the one that defines the best way to market in a social media; rather it is the one which deliver the optimum results upon implementation (defining the right way). Marketing with social media requires more effort than conventional marketing techniques, getting constant updates of activities on both; personal website and those of competitors / rivals. The concept of implementation of the best social media marketing techniques revolves around these five expressions: ‘extract, condense, plot, deliver, and update’.

Challenges ahead

With the introduction of social media platforms like FaceBook and Twitter, marketers now face new challenges that are a threat to the very existence of their online businesses. This realization has cottoned on to the factually unsophisticated truth that they have become an easy target for both, the new market entrants and the already existing ones. The starting point is basically the area where a web-based business / platform can apply the first two expressions ‘extract and condense’.

The first step, therefore, is to extract what threats are faced by the business (both online and offline) and what are strengths and weaknesses of the competitors. Of course, the sole purpose of the realization of the competitor’s weaknesses would be to use them as our strength, realize the personal strength and capabilities of the business and finally, deduce ways to capitalize on them one by one.

Defined goals 

A clear goal and defining the objective would help set a clear path. For this purpose, a constant ‘pulse’ check of the sites is necessary, viewing the social websites and pages, and the reaction in response to the feedback received from the followers, likes, and personal messages received on the websites. The best way is to respond in a personal and direct way as it means that the business is responding in light of the initiative that these observers have shown towards the content.

Whether the reviews are positive or negative, a marketer’s job is not to interpret them openly, rather to leave a positive feedback out of the way.A perfect way to ensure that negative reviews are kept at a minimum is to share some humor with the people on these pages keeping in mind that the humor is meant to express the wittiness and is not targeted towards anyone.

Building an audience

Seeking out followers also comes in handy when you are managing large volumes of information online, attracting new customers, guest bloggers, and the likes and dislikes of the consumers. The concept of ‘plotting and delivering’ comes here! After the completion of a successful relationship building and the generation of content and posting of new content, relevant information covering all the topics that are and were mentioned, the final painstaking task is to complete customize the content (placing it in the right place). Few tips can prove helpful in this regard.


Cross-promotion of the brands i.e. to promote the brand / item on multiple social websites and the articles or posts relevant to them.Posting the associations of the brands, etc. with logical reasons, fun facts, etc. For example, the effects of caffeine addiction and the like.Sharing the brand experience on these social platforms and asking customers to review their products / brands (the same way as Amazon or Starbucks)

Update information

The final objective of implementing a successful social media marketing strategy is to constantly seek means to update the information that has already been posted on these social media platforms, recycling the content, updating it, whatever serves best. 

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