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All posts in "Samsung"

The Galaxies in Your Hand

By Syed Qasim / 4 years ago

Korean company Samsung Electronics has made a fairly spectacular showing last year with its centerpiece smartphone winning the hearts of experts and consumers alike. It has even outraced its closest rival—the iPhone 5 which was released the same year to much hype—selling more than 20 million handsets within the first 100 days of its release. […]


Nexus 4, Galaxy S3, iPhone 5 – A Comparison Of Features

By Saqib Hussain / 5 years ago

Christmas is near and people are going to make their wish lists. The most popular items in the wish list are smartphones. iPhone 5, Galaxy S III, and Nexus 4 are at top of the list to become favorite choice of the users. To pick one best device among many available options, you will have […]

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